Meeting Minutes


the Clubhouse Committee presented it's first report.


The mission Statement was presented:

To come up with a comprehensive plan to develop the facilities at the club with a focus on the clubhouse. Our output will be a clubhouse. This committee will operate autonomously from the club’s general operations, only reporting on progress, but not requiring approvals from the club regarding decisions the committee makes regarding the development of clubhouse including financing, design, or implementation. This committee will be responsible for the creation of the clubhouse, but not the operation of the clubhouse.

This created some heated discussion.

Greg S. mentioned that he felt the club should be concerned with the trail development and groomers and not as much with a club house

.Mark B. responded that the club would be better with a dedicated clubhouse, that we had outgrown the current facilities, and that the time involved in preparing for events and meetings was getting to be too much for those who did those tasks. 

Some concern was mentioned regarding how the funding was monitored between general club efforts and the clubhouse funding.  John F. said that the “Pavilion Fund” was always earmarked for the creation of a clubhouse, and that no money other than what has been agreed to by vote at club meetings has been earmarked for the clubhouse. Greg S. said that not every member can make it to every meeting and that it was not fair that those who can get to meetings make the decisions for the club. 

Mark B. responded by saying that the board of directors was always available via phone, text or email for anybody who had concerns regarding club spending. It was also brought up that ANY club member was allowed to serve on ANY club committee, and that members with concerns should step up and serve. Rod S. mentioned that the decision to create a “pavilion fund was years old. John F. added that ANY club member can be on the Clubhouse committee, even all 400+ members.

 Tim G. added that membership on this committee was closed as of December 31, 2018.

Vintage ride is scheduled for January 12th weather dependent.

Talk about a poker run resulted in a decision to not be in the poker run business.

State/County news


The NYSSA GPS system has announced a new app to let the clubs update trail conditions. Not sure how it’s all going to work yet. A link will be part of the new website.


A new power post driver has been purchased, anybody who wants to put posts up is free to use it as is the Cub and other tools.

Rick G reported that New road trail is changing again, please follow all new signs!

He also said that the up pub has cut hours, so worrying about the trail there should be less of a priority.

Wade W. wasn’t at this meeting so no news about his progress on signing.

Mark asked for help this weekend for posting from the barn to the point. 9 am meet time at the Barn.

Trail By BOCES is ready to get signed as well. There is a LOT left to do so feel free to contact a club member to help out!

Jim Fischer on Middle road still has beans in his field on Tunley Rd. That section might be closed until the beans are picked, we might have to go around for the time being.




Radiator leak will be fixed, the tracks are going back on Thursday (12/13)


There is still a seal bad on a wheel bearing, Judson will be looking at it asap.


Still has a noisy clutch not sure if it’s a big deal, but more hours will help us figure it out.

Thursday (12/13) will be the night we’ll be fixing it.


Checking $ 2,209

Barn shares $72

Groomer fund: $1,654

Pavilion fund: $11,753

Total funds available $15,687

Still waiting for 30% from 2017. Rod thinks it will be here shortly.

Kiosks $1,700 in sponsorships. $400 more committed and another $200 are verbal.

The kiosks are ready to go soon.

Mark Barnes asked for applause for Rod’s efforts, WELL DESERVED!!!

Thanks for your time and effort!