Meetings are Held at the Groomer Barn, (conner of  Centenary Rd. and Lake Rd.) Second Tuesday of each Month at 7:30PM All are welcome members or not.

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Mark Barnes these kind folks support local snowmobiling please support them!

Trails will NOT be open today
see below

Lot's of hard work goes into keeping up the trails so everyone can have a good ride. Give these people a big hand !!!

Mark Barnes Williamson Driftriders

Changes and construction on the west side C4W informational:
Follow the signs but the trail will be changing this season and use caution

We lost asscess to crafts feild as he made it a pasture. We are starting another reroute now, and hope to have it done before the trails open. But at some point this winter that area of Masons farm will be under construction for drainage and tree removal. not sure when depending on weather and the excavator. So when that happens we will be skirting the side of the road.
Jim Poole
To the snowmobiles who still use the old trail system on South Geneva Rd. That old trail system crosses my lawn. I just watched 6 machine go threw my lawn at a good clip. I have 3 dogs that run my lawn and I don't want them hit by a snowmobile. I have dog signs up and it is aparent they are being ignored. Then next time I will run you down with my sled and getting reamed. Don't make me block off the old trail system so you can't get threw. It is one thing to have fun but let's use common sense too.
Unfortunately Not enough snow to open the trails so this event is pushed back until Saturday 2-20-16 freeze your chili till then . Might be a storm on Tuesday do the snow dance you gotta be getting good at it by now