Meetings are Held at the Groomer Barn, (conner of  Centenary Rd. and Lake Rd.)
Second Tuesday of each Month at 7:30PM
All are welcome members or not.

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and any Email set to me.

See our facebook page for a map.
It is under files (on the left side of page).
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Conditions remain good, with some water but nothing to deep. I heard groomer made it to the point and limped back home with a hydraulic issue. Pretty much everything has been groomed but the bowling alley trail and the deli trail thanks to Wade Zach Dave Andy and Judston

Also want to thank Caleb and Zach for trimming the trial between east Williamson and danger ditch boces area! Those prickles were brutal here's a vid of them going out of there

Also I've contacted the Sherriff dept and ask them to come on our trials check out the damage and see if they can slow some people down they will be out today.

Please ride safe and responsibly warm up coming