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Meetings are Held at the Groomer Barn,
(conner of  Centenary Rd. and Lake Rd.)
Second Tuesday of each Month at 7:30PM
All are welcome members or not.

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Trail Conditions

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Next meeting Tue Nov.  11  @ 7:30    NEW trail update !!
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and any Email set to me.
Sodus School
web cam.
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Mark Barnes?Williamson Driftriders
Heads Up Trail Improvement Change about a mile. Thanks Lake Breeze!

Mark Barnes its looks like road riding but its not

John Faulks This is a huge upgrade! Thanks to all that made it happen!!!

Denise Muckey oh i love it that one road crossing always made me nervous.ty all

Jason Dobbs Hmm, sharp 90 degree corner right at a creek? That should claim a couple drunks.

Michael Kellock Much better route for grooming but I'll miss the long field run... I'm sure we just made one home owner a happy camper with this new route...saves us a lot of rope and flags to keep people off his yard. Outstanding work.

Mark Barnes You can see it from a longs ways off we will be putting fence up and if you can read signs they will be there too as an added plus there's no apple trees to ruin